About Us

Des is passionate about food, not just any food but fresh, in season, quality produce cooked with love for family and friends. But how does one guarantee freshness? Travel to the source, travel to local markets, travel the world, that’s how.

How it all began

Some years ago the family headed to Tasmania for a Campervan touring holiday, guided by the wonderful produce that can be found there, as well as the spectacular scenery. Jill suggested to Des that he keep a diary of their daily adventures. Writing the diary and reading tales from the day became a much looked forward to moment each evening. The diary writing stuck and on a trip to Vietnam, Des got carried away, writing copious notes about the wonderful places, the fabulous food, the exciting cooking classes, enticing produce markets, the welcoming Vietnamese people and a whole lot more. One evening back home, dear friends Ros and Steven picked up the diary and urged Des to do something more than just have it sitting on a shelf, “Dessie, you’ve got to write a blog“.

So here you have it, Travel for Food.


What you’ll see here

The site is primarily organised around Travel for Food to… travelogues, containing highlights of local markets, cooking schools, restaurants, accommodation and sites to see, all with location details and map linkages. Oh, as well as our adventures in each of these wonderful places.

There’s also Recipes and Itineraries sections linked to the Travel for Food to… travelogues.


Food plays an important role in our family, be it sourcing seasonal produce from local markets or from our community herb and vegetable garden, or the enjoyment of meal times with family and friends. Every meal is an opportunity to have a fabulous food experience, even if it’s a compilation of leftovers from the fridge on a nicely set table in our small back garden. Therefore the mission of Travel for Food is to share our experiences and knowledge so that others can join in the pleasures that we have experienced along our travels for food.

This pleasure from “food” is not just about the wonderful range of cuisines on offer but experiencing cultural diversity, visiting countries and suburbs to immerse oneself in a different culture, discovering what food means to others and experiencing the joys of Travel for Food to…

About Des

Des lives in Sydney, Australia, with his gorgeous partner Jill and their appreciative son Rory. Des also has an older appreciative son, Liam, who is a regular part of the family’s Travels for Food.

About comments

Comments are very welcome and I look forward to reading your thoughts. I’m open to any advice that will make you want to keep visiting this site.


All photographs on Travel for Food were taken by Des Doyle or a member of the family, unless otherwise noted. You are very welcome to republish any of the photos, if you do, please provide a link back to the section of this site where it came from – “thank you“.


You are also welcome to take copies of the Recipes, if you do, please provide a link back to the section of this site where it came from – “thank you“. If the source of a recipe isn’t acknowledged then you can be assured it has been written by Des Doyle.

Please enjoy visiting Travel for Food

I hope you become a frequent visitor to this regularly updated site, to read the latest Travel for Food to… destinations, together with the Itineraries, and to check out the ever increasing Recipes section.